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Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Rank Your Page on Google

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You need to learn SEO to optimizing your website by implementing Search Engine Optimization techniques. A good SEO Tips can help you to get higher search engine rankings

Search Engine Optimization techniques for modern days SEO

Learn SEO is the best way to know about various techniques which is involved in Search Engine techniques. Generally we can see two types of techniques in Search Engine Optimization. One of them is On Page Optimizations and another one in Off Page Optimization. Below there I mentioned some of the SEO technique which is very much essential for getting a higher rank.

Learn SEO for Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step of the Search Engine Optimization. It is very much important for getting a higher search engine ranking. Thus you gave to select wisely your keywords because

  • People will generally search your website in the internet by searching through the keywords
  • Keywords plays a vital role in the Search Engine

Hence if you want to learn SEO then first thing you have to know about is keyword Research. It is most effective and primary SEO techniques and without it you can’t get a good ranking in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization techniques of Link Building

Link Building is one of the major SEO techniques which is used by webmasters in order to achieve a good search engine rankings of the website. It is most popular techniques of search engine optimization. There are several ways of building links which is very much effective if you want to a quick search engine ranking in an organic way. Link building is an very effective method to get some inbound links in a website which can be very effective for the quick search engine rankings. There are several methods of link building-

  • Forum posting
  • Blogging is the best link building technique which is one of the popular SEO Tips
  • Social bookmarking
  • Directory submission

SEO Tips for RSS Feed Creation and Submission

RSS Feed Creation and submission are also very much important if you are thinking to learn SEO to optimize your website. It is a very good technique of Search engine Optimization particularly for the blogs.

Content Optimization as Search Engine Optimization techniques

In recent days, Content Optimization gets a huge importance in search engine optimization. There are several ways by applying which you can increase search engine ranking-

  • Use relevant keywords in your content
  • Hyperlink your content with relevant links

Thus Content optimization is one of the best search engine optimization techniques which you may apply for your website or blog to get a good ranking in search engines.

SEO Tips for Meta tag optimization

Meta tag optimization is a key on page optimization techniques which is great Search Engine Optimization techniques to rank your website top of the search engine results.


It is true that a person or a business owner builds a website in order to attract a huge number of visitors at their websites. But it is only possible when you follow the SEO Tips get the visibility in the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. To get visibility in the search engine you have to optimize your website properly with the help of Search Engine Optimization.

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  1. All these tips are always useful for better page rank for a website and search engine ranking also. We all know that but how to explain the things in a better manner is here in the article you explained. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Am beginner of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Your post helped me to learn a lot. Thanks for the awesome Post!!

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  3. Thanks for sharing valuable information about search engine optimization to us. These techniques are really helps to get better results on particular SERP. I love your explanation way.

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  4. I honestly don't think most of this matters, I've just seen a page ranked #1 on google simply because it has a load of backlinks, most of which are not even relevant and there's hardly any decent content on the site. It's stuff like this that makes an SEO's job very difficult - get a few links and bob's your uncle. So much for Google Penguin.
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