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11 Steps to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank For Your Blog or Website

increase page rank

Alexa traffic rank helps you be noticed to millions of readers and customers these days. Alexa ranking gives you courage to face the online challenges in a positive way.

The online business plays a great role in today’s world. Having your personal website or blog and business website or blog is not a big issue. How many of you are aware about the traffic rank of a website or blog? Yes, Alexa traffic rank plays an important role for the website. This is a ranking system for a website based on the traffic popularity.

Every website owner is eager to know the traffic rank of the website. Amazon partially owned Alexa and give data on web traffic. Alexa ranking totally depends on the demand of the website to the users.

It is also important for website owners to know how to increase Alexa rank. In the modern world, ranking is vital to ensure your social existence to the users.

Improve your Alexa Traffic Rank

Write More

Regular updates on your blog and website help you increase Alexa traffic rank. With time, readers will visit your website again and again for more information. Post 2 to 3 unique content atleast a week. But don't force yourself. Post quality content only.

Toolbar for Alexa

If your visitors have an Alexa Rank toolbar, then your website traffic will increase automatically. Therefore, you can ask the visitors to install Alexa toolbar. You can also install Alexa toolbar in your browser and set your website as the home page. Recomment your friends to install alexa toolbar in their browsers. This is another way to get more traffic rank.


Creating Backlinks always result good for increase page rank. Quality backlinks are the secret of your Alexa rank. Follow correct link building techniques to build backlinks.

Claim Website

Sign up with new account or social networking site and claim website on Alexa. This way, you can have full control of your website and use meta code to verify the website.

Review of website to Alexa

Visitors giving a review of your blog or website to alexa website are a big thing. This helps your site to get more Alexa traffic rank.

Social Media

Share the website links or posts on social network platform. This will give a blast traffic ranking of the blog or website. You can maximize your reach to millions of people within a few seconds.

Start Commenting

Comment on other bloggers post or website blog helps you get traffic. Leave the website link on the website or blog after the comment. Readers will click on your blog’s link and you can gain traffic rank.

Post Optimization

Optimization of a popular post is a good initiative. Include the graph and link with the Alexa post. It will definitely increase your website Alexa traffic rank.

Content Quality

Readers visit your blog or website because of content. If your posts are not interesting and informative, then readers will never come to your website again. Hence, create high quality content for readers. Avoid copy content and grammatical errors from the content. Your writing ability will increase the alexa ranking system.

Use of pictures

You can use interesting and relevant pictures with content. Link this picture with alexa URL and increase the web traffic rank. It is an effective way to increase traffic for the website or blog.

Write On Alexa

Are you ready to write a blog on alexa? Then go ahead with positive thoughts and write about Alexa. Surely, you will get more alexa Rank and enjoy high traffic rank.

Now, the steps on how to increase Alexa rank will definitely help you achieve the target traffic. Use these above steps logically and enjoy more website and blog traffic. If you have any questions means leave a comment.

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  1. If I post low quality link (pr0 or lower sites but my site rank is pr 2) is it will be helpful for my website?If I build irrelevant link isn't it be bad for my website?
    please answer some one my site is

    1. Irrelevant is not bad, it depends on your quantity. But always strickly avoid to irrelevant links. And get link in low quality site is bad , but relevant+ low pr site is not a problem...

  2. Great post.
    It will really help grow my blog,

  3. It is better to post on high PR Sites.

  4. I want to increase alexa rank and more trafic also can you help me???
    My blog name is

  5. Post more unique content in your blog Vishal. This will definitly increase your alexa traffic.

  6. I have seen a steep decline in the alexa rank with few of my websites. Is this the case with you guys as well?
    Does anybody know about the cause?please help

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  16. I think Alexa Rank is very important to improve your google rankings. Regular Posting is the best way to increase Alexa rank.

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