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How to Increase Page Rank to Your Blog or Websites

increase page rank

Do you want to increase page rank to your website? Page ranking is important in SEO. Get website page ranking by follow steps.

Page Rank Improving Modes

It is important to know why page ranks are so essential. There are various options that definitely help in pageranking process. Page ranks help to boost the popularity of the website. Google being the prominent page ranking site and mainly SEO people are concerned about Google ranking only. But there are also some other sites who can rate the pages that will help one to improve their page ranks. Check out the most common and important ways that will boost up the positions of pages.

Unique Content

Probably this is the most required and important that helps in increasing position of a page in the rank list.

  • Add new information in the pages
  • Make the pages look unique with lots of new thoughts

To make a page look unique among the other pages one simple need to incorporate new date and information that will surely make the page appear distinct from others. It will be a boost for pageranking procedure.

Blog Comment

Commenting on other blogs, digg, or any sources with related to your blog is increasing your blog Pr.

Submit to Directories

Another important point that needs to be highlighted is the submission of site and even its link in other popular websites that are mostly being visited by others.

  • Popular sites like Ezine, Yahoo Directory are the most preferred choice of sites.
  • Posting in the most high rated web directories
  • Article directory posting for page ranking development

Publicize to Communicate

As per research it is proved that immense publication of website helps to promote it in every way. This can also be considered to be another important way that involves how to increase page rank and also aids in eventual promotion of the web address.

Participate in forums

Join your niche forums and participate regularly. You can get dofollow backlinks from forums. Forum backlinks is more powerful to increase traffic and PR.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best way to get Pr to your blog or website. You can get dofollow backlinks with your niche.

  • Backlink Inclusion in Website
  • Addition and inclusion of backlinks increase positive response for sites.
  • Search Engines promote backlink included websites more and more
  • Addition of links of other sites

All these points are very intimately related with how to improve page rank fact. One can feel the difference in count and position of site as one tries to follow these suggestions.

Update Regularly

This is the point which one must not fail to miss out. If you are concerned about page ranking keep your page updated thoroughly. Addition of newer information and news will ascertain you to stay ahead of others. Google and other related page ranking sites also pay attention to this fact. This is really helpful. Make sure about the regular updates of your site. Summary of sites are also required so that others have a clear idea about your site.

As one goes through the article one will surely develop some idea about how to improve page rank and they may try out the steps and suggestions that are being pointed in this article. Incorporate these points and come up with the best output.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such nice points of this article. These points we should must follow to increase more visitors for our website and it will also helpful to get quality backlinks. In the present scenario in SEO Quality gives more advantage to improve Page rank for website.

  2. Yea, this is a well written post. It's great. I got the idea and am gonna implement it

  3. Yea, this is a well written post. It's great. I got the idea and am gonna implement it

  4. very good concept to do seo but i thought domain age is also matters in seo of any website as old domains get more importance in google. so here you can check domain age for search engine optimization.

  5. I know some of these information but i know now new info about page rank as well, good article and description too

  6. Data given on this page is pretty good,but i think things can be made even simple and Pr may be increased very quickly if we focus on the basics of the blogging.Like we should keep in mind that content is the king,so there should be no copyright content present at your blog,try to maintain the balance between do follow and no follow links,use H1 and H2 heading in a proper way.
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  7. Hi. These are great tips. My website is brand new, only a month old, but I will definitely be putting these suggestions into action. In fact I have already done some of them. I am very new to the world of running a website and know very little about SEO but I am actively learning. As yet my site has not been ranked, but I’ve been posting a blog post and/or a new article every few days at least and I’ve had some friends pay the site a visit. Thanks for the advice!
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