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Off Page Optimization Techniques 2013

Off page SEO optimizes a website to get high traffic. It depends on various factors. With SEO off page optimization visitors can find out links of your website from various other websites related to it. Without off page one would have a tough time getting established in this competitive web world. This blog will enlighten you with effective techniques to reach the world with off page optimization.

Start Building Links

Kick start with your link campaign. Here are some ways you can get links by posting directly

Link Exchanging

There are many ways to get links. You get linked to others and other getting linked back to you.

You can request webmaster for link exchange with proper anchor text. It’s somewhat like paid directory but very informative. You will get links with anchor text. A link broker is another website for serving your links for a website. It doesn’t devalue your website as search engine cannot recognize whether it is a purchased or legiment link. Prices can be negotiated.

  • Link Exchange can be fruitful if it is done with sites relevant to your topic and subjects. But you should be attentive on who you link to. There are unlimited bad sites which can make your website banned or delisted from search engines.
  • Placing the link is very important
  • Place it in very page of your website
  • First page is very crucial. It will give maximum exposure to your link
  • Avoid site wide links if your website is small and contain few pages.
  • Links with attractive offer can also attract other sites. Everyone loves free items or win contest. This can be a good way to promote your business attracting people and generate links.
  • Adding few links from reputable site is better than adding hundreds of link from unknown sites.

Articles Submission

Submit your article to article directories. These directories have an author biography where you can place your site URL with anchored text.
  • Submit your sites on various directories: There are many free and paid directories where you can submit your work. Avoid links with tons of subcategories and categories and link farms. It decreases the traffic and sometime get blacklisted by search engines.
  • Rich Content tutorials –Tutorials encourage more blog reader and webmasters to link to the site. Writing a unique article is the best way to pull traffic and generate natural links.
  • Blogs: - You can also leave your links while commenting on blogs. Don’t spam blog sites. If you leave a comment make sure you are writing on the topic related to it. Post in the comment which you have knowledge.

Search Engines play a vital role in off page optimization. Without it, your website would be lost and won’t reach to the public. Submission of the website should be on the top search engines website usually generate traffic from Google, more than any others like Bing, Yahoo, Rediff and henceforth. After submission it takes time for your website to get to the index. Off page SEO is important, but at the same time difficult you. An excellent content is the only ultimate way to grab the attention

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